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organic henna powder

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organic henna powder

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Organic Henna Powder

Festivals and wedding ceremonies in India are all about the celebratory mood. We come together to mark every happy occasion and at times indulge in body art with the help of henna pastes. One of the much-awaited ceremonies during a wedding fuction is the ‘mehndi ceremony’ where women (and sometimes men too!) get henna designs made on their palms, arms and feet. But the fun of the activity sometimes ends with the poor quality of henna damaging the skin. The chemicals infused in the henna cause peeling of skin and sometimes even result in rashes. The organic henna powder manufactured, supplied and exported by VJS Pharmaceutical Private Limited guarantees the best quality that leaves a soothing red color on your skin.

The premium quality leaves are separated from the crops by highly qualified and experienced professionals who sift the powder through a fine nylon cloth. The organic henna powder that contains the highest quality dye contents of Lawsonia Inermis can also be used for hair coloring. The powder leaves a soothing deep red color to your hair that penetrates and binds with the keratin and conditions the hair naturally. Known for its effectiveness, skin friendliness, soothing fragrances and purity, the Vissible Effect Organic Henna Powder is one that meets all buyer needs while ensuring evident results.