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ojya pain relief balm

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ojya pain relief balm

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1.High quality 
2.Reasonable price 
3.Delivery on time 
4.Many types and Quality 

  • Pain Relief Oil relieving the body from pains and aches. 
  • These oils are used to overcome the pain of the shoulder, elbow and knees. 
  • Our ranges of these oils are highly appreciated for its effective results as provides instant relief to the person. 
  • They are safe to use and guarantees not only immediate relief but also long term cure. 
  • We supply these oils which are free from any side-effects and available for market leading prices.
  • An highly effective Oil Madeup with Organically produced Natural Essential Oils like,  Wintergreen Oil, Camphor Oil, Palm oil, Mentha Oil, Peppermint Oil, Eugenol, Clove Oil & Camphor Oil.
  • These oils are directly attack muscles where blood is clottted & helps blood to flow freely to rid away the Pain